Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Are you trying to loose weight?
Whenever I ask this question anyone answer overweight
Is `Yes', but it does not happen. Then I asked, Why does it happen? "
Most of the times there is no definite answer. Coming just a few excuses.
Let me take the common myths and excuses one by one.

I can not eat much: would most of these people say overweight and
sure some underlying disease such as thyroid disorders,
Some common hormons medicine intake (even iron tablets) responsible.
To some extent that genetic heritage and body metabolism are responsible
 excessive weight gain. However, God has given us one body and unfortunately
we can not change whether we like it or not. Almost any disease or
medicine which increases weight.
Even if some cause only a marginal increase and again
 remain the same methods to reduce weight.

I avoid fatty food: When asked who most people would say.

I put in the cooking oil for ghee.

I avoid rice.

I take Juice.

The fact is that almost every food we eat contributes some calories.
 We must reduce the total calories and also the type of food for us to get calories.
 All types of fats (eggs, oil, ghee, butter, bags) the highest calories per gm
i.e. 9 cal. So, avoid fats is important is.

There are some things we can not be considered and they are relatively common eating fatty
 chips, bhujia, biscuits, mathi, namkeen, samosa, tikki, etc.

 Sweets of all kinds is a very high amount of concentrated calories. J
Uices and cool drinks are also very concentrated calories and must be avoided.

Alcohol and other meat are two very important contributing culprits.
I am very busy working schedule: No front can not control my diet and also can not
 do any exercise?

Exactly the opposite reason given by some domestic manufacturers of two and four people
families are not working enough. The two situations are exactly the same.

A very busy executive, computer engineer, Gael, teacher,
doctor and especially young students, social workers,
Everyone gets so much web work to promote their own care is ignored.
A rat race marks the achievement goals, objectives, there is no time to care
 of the body. With this kind of lifestyle is usually over junk food consumption
 and no physical exercise.

I have a lot of tension: Yes, the weight of anxiety and depression are increasing in many people.
Some people tend to eat more and reduce their physical activity and weight gain during
rough period. I can only say that anyone who does not have problems.

All major problems as we detect this.
Is increasing worldwide for its problems through a weight as one of the problems.
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